National Gazetteer of Poland

Volume 1. Hydronyms

National Gazetteer of Poland



Geographical names are an important source of information when identifying and locating various objects on the Earth's surface. They are important elements in the spoken language and in written form are essential elements of maps and other publications. With that in mind, every country tries to elaborate and publish their own official lists of geographical names, so-called national gazetteers.

Elaborating and publishing national gazetteers is also laid down in the resolution of the United Nations Organization approved by the 1967 First United Nations Conference on Standardization of Geographical Names in Geneva, the purpose being to standardize geographical names in individual countries. The Conference recommended that official lists of accepted geographical names and their location be elaborated and published in individual countries. Such official lists should ensure explicitness when using geographical names in various kinds of publications and mass media.

The publication hereby presented is the first volume of a series to be published over several years containing a list of almost 16,000 standardized names of water objects (so-called hydronyms) divided into two parts: 1. Flowing waters, sources, waterfalls and 2. Standing waters, verified and established by the Commission on Names of Localities and Physiographical Objects, operating since 1997 and affiliated to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.


This list of hydronyms is composed of two parts. Volume I.Hydronyms - Part 1. Flowing waters, sources, waterfalls contains the list of names of rivers, brooks, creeks, streams, oxbows, canals and ditches as well as lists of names of 136 sources and 16 waterfalls. Standing waters, part 2 of the list of hydronyms, contains the names of 7761 standing water objects: lakes, ponds, artificial storage reservoirs, bays, straits and also depths and shoals.

Bearing in mind interest among English speaking foreigners, all titles, introductory texts and table headings are also given in English.