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Country Names (2006)


Country Names

191 countries, members of the United Nations Organization plus also the Vatican City, are given in the publication Country Names. The correct orthography of names, recommended for general use by the Commission on Standardization of Geographical Names Outside Poland, is given. The names in the list should be used in texts written and spoken in the Polish language, especially on maps, in encyclopaedias, guide books and handbooks, in the press and on radio and television. This publication takes into consideration resolutions approved by the Commission up to 26 October 2005.

The official names of countries, given in the list, were consulted with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a representative of which is a Commission member. Only in exceptional cases do the forms recommended by the Commission: Związek Birmański, Republika Macedonii, Republika Mołdawii, Republika Wybrzeża Kości Słoniowej differ from the forms used in official texts: Związek Myanmar (Union of Myanmar), Była Jugosłowiańska Republika Macedonii (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Republika Mołdowy (Republic of Moldova), Republika Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of Côte d'Ivoire).

For each country are sown short and formal (official) country name in Polish, short and formal country name in official languages.

Country Names (pdf 776 kb)